Commonly performed procedures by Dr Mehta include intravitreal injections, cataract surgery, retinal laser, glaucoma laser therapy, and YAG laser capsulotomy.

Intravitreal injections


Intravitreal injection therapies have significantly improved outcomes for macula diseases like wet age-related macular degeneration and diabetic macula oedema. With modern anaesthetic techniques this procedure should be painless and can be carried out during your outpatient clinic consultation.

Cataract surgery

Dr Mehta is a highly experienced cataract surgeon having performed over 2000 operations.

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Dr Mehta is a highly experienced cataract surgeon having performed over 2000 operations.

Retinal laser

Retinal laser can be applied to reduce the risk of bleeding within the eye that could potentially cause severe sight loss in conditions like proliferative diabetic retinopathy or ischaemic retinal vein occlusion. The procedure is carried out in an out-patient clinic setting.

Retinal laser is also used to secure retinal tears and high-risk retinal holes. These areas of weakness in the retina are secured with barrier laser to reduce the risk of sight-threatening retinal detachment developing.

Retinal laser can also be used to treat areas of leakage that are further away from the centre of the macula, for example non-centre involving diabetic macula oedema.

Micropulse laser

This gentle laser treatment is useful when treating areas of leakage that are close to the centre of the vision. This can be helpful with conditions like mild centre-involving diabetic macula oedema and central serous retinopathy. Few sites in Australia have access to this type of laser machine.

Glaucoma laser procedures

Selective laser trabeculoplasty is a technique for lowering intraocular pressure by improving drainage of fluid out of the eye at the trabecular meshwork. As the laser is quite gentle, it can be repeated over the years if required. It is useful for patients who have difficulty instilling or tolerating eye drops to lower intraocular pressure. The procedure is carried out in the out-patient clinic.

Laser peripheral iridotomy is a treatment to prevent the development of acute angle closure glaucoma, a sight-threatening condition that eyes with narrow drainage angles are at risk of developing. A laser is used to make a small opening in the coloured part of the eye called the iris. This provides an additional route for fluid to drain out of the eye. An alternative treatment for narrow angles is cataract surgery.

YAG laser capsulotomy

YAG laser capsulotomy is a procedure that can be performed in the outpatient clinic. It is sometimes needed a few years after cataract surgery.

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General adult ophthalmology

Hemal Mehta has experience dealing with a wide range of adult ophthalmology presentations.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. The information provided here is for general educational purposes only. For information on ophthalmology outpatient procedures or surgery in your situation, please contact Dr Mehta's rooms.

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